NYC Artist Josh Kil

“I’m looking for things that I wasn’t previously expecting in my art, whether it’s via magic, God, the unconscious or someone else’s daydream” — Josh Kil


Filmmaker and Photographer, Charlene Bagcal

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“To me, art is about making someone feel something and letting them into your world. It is a very intimate and personal experience to expose this part of you.” — Charlene Bagcal*


Photographer Bella Howard

London based fashion photographer, Bella Howard, draws forth candid, bare, brazen and confidently colored images (in attitude and hue) that beckon and intrigue. She’s shot for Topshop, Nylon, Vice, Lanvin i-D and DSquared and shot vivid, playful portraits and campaigns that leave a remarkable impression. Having documented her trip across the United States, Howard exhibited her Drive-Thru ‘zines at the Wayward Gallery in London, and is gearing up for the release of her book which also documents her Drive-Thru experience.