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Everything You Need To Know About Kim Kardashian’s Latest Nudes

KKW Beauty, Kim Kardashian’s new beauty line, features the debut of a Creme Contour and Highlight Kit ($48) featuring flawless nudes that have rocked the beauty world. Selling out in minutes, the collection features 4 hues- light, medium, dark and deep dark- which will lift, define and sculpt the face.

Kim K launched KKW Beauty at her home surrounded by beauty gurus, friends and family. The event was an Instagrammable soiree, complete with a floral photo booth room, and Kim dazzling in a stunning, white Vivienne Westwood dress. This collection comes after collaborating with little sister, Kylie Jenner, of Kylie Cosmetics on a similarly successful Creme Lipstick kit that also sold out in minutes. Fans need not fret over the immediate sell out of Kardashian’s coveted makeup collection- KKW Beauty has assured us that there will be a restock in the coming weeks!

Of course we’re all curious to know if these products are all hype or if they actually deliver. Contouring and highlight kits from the queen of sculpted cheekbones come with high expectations. We’ve taken to the reviews of trusted beauty vloggers (especially the ones who received the products firsthand) to find a range of vividly candid opinions.

There are definitely major issues here. Vloggers note the lackluster appeal of the minimal packaging and the disappointing amount of product that you get in the tubes- a meager .032 ounces. The contour and highlighting sticks are also prone to snapping mid application. At such a high price point reviewers have a valid argument. On the bright side, reviewers are pleased with the coverage and ease of blendability. Fortunately, Kim K is heeding the criticisms of her naysayers and recognizes that there’s room for improvement.

Did you get your hands on Kim K’s collection? Will you be shopping the restock?